In order to be placed on waiting list you must fill out an application.
Once your application has been reviewed you will be placed on the wait list.
Once puppies are born you will be notified, via email of the birth of the puppies.
Once eyes are open you will be emailed again. (2 weeks)

Once pictures are taken, puppies are priced, you will be notified again, at about 3/4 weeks of age. At this time those on wait list have the chance to pick a puppy via photos. Once notified the puppies are ready to be chosen, you will have 72 hours to pick your puppy, then the puppies will be offered for sale on my website, 4/5 weeks. Then at 5/6 weeks the puppies will be listed for sale on other advertising sites, ie. Puppyfind, Nextdaypets or others.

Often even though there are several people on the list, the puppies may or may not be exactly what they wanted, ie. if someone on the list wanted a blue merle female with full collar, and 2 blue eyes, and I only have a blue merle male with full collar and blue eyes.  Waiting list gets complicated.  I try to keep them in order of contact, however many times, those on the list have purchased elsewhere, changed mind, changed contact information, etc. So you will automatically move up the list.

I know people would love to come meet the puppies, play with them and then pick, however with age of the internet, that is not always possible.  If you wait until the puppies are 7/8 weeks old (after vaccinations for personal contact) it is often too late to get the puppy of your choice.  Often people from out of area, buy from pictures and will place a deposit on the puppy you are waiting on.  Puppies are for sale to the first approved buyer who places a deposit.  So often if you wait to visit you may miss the chance to get a puppy.  

I try very hard to keep my puppies healthy and I limit outside visitation.  People can unknowingly spread diseases and viruses, so for the safety of someones new puppy, I don't allow visitors until after puppies have had 1 Neopar and 1 NeoVac.  Then only after I have a completed and verified Application.  For my safety and the safety of my puppies, no one comes without an appointment and have been thoroughly checked out.

A puppy will be placed on hold, paperwork will be done, and is on hold until the puppies are 6 weeks old.  At 6 weeks we will require a deposit to continue holding the puppy until 8 weeks.  At 8 weeks the puppies must be paid in full.  If the puppy is not paid in full at 8 weeks of age, you will forfeit your deposit. If you are unable to pick the puppy up at 8 weeks of age, arrangements must be made.  We can board the puppy at $3.00 day if you can't pick up within the 8-9 week time frame.  But the puppy must be paid in full.  Boarding fees can be paid on pick up, along with any additional vaccinations or charges.

Once you pick a puppy, I will fill out the contact, email it and you will sign it and return it. At 6 weeks you will be emailed the deposit contract, and you will need to send a $200.00 deposit (non-refundable) with the balance due at 8 weeks.  Puppies much be picked up between 8 and 9 weeks.
Any puppies with forfeited deposits will be listed for sale and sold at 8 weeks.