I cannot hold a puppy without a non-refundable deposit


Welcome to inquire about the puppy.


Have become an approved family by filling out puppy application and non-refundable deposit is in transit.

(If not received within 5 days puppy becomes available again).


Non-refundable deposit has been received. Any monies received towards a puppy are non-refundable.


Full payment has been made.


Payment can be made by:

  1. Direct deposit into any Chase Bank (avoid fees)
  2. Pay-pal (jothrie@yahoo.com) add 3% to cover fees Pay-Pal charges me.
  3. Credit Card add 3% to cover fees for non scanned cards.
  4. Bank wire transfer.
"We will not tolerate charge-backs! Any charge-backs will be prosecuted to the fullest and will be turned over to a collection agency, after which it will be reported to all credit reporting agencies as an unpaid debt that will remain on your record until paid in full. If you pay with a credit card belonging to someone else than the cardholders name will appear on all the puppy's paperwork along with the actual purchaser's name."