Microchip $30.00 The Premier Program. It will include:

  1. Each puppy will come with an ISO microchip ($20.00 value).
  2. Microchip registered in your name immediately the day you pick up your puppy, for a lifetime through Microchip Animal Rapid Recovery Services ($20.00 value) http://www.marrsmicrochip.com  the chip is partnered with American Animal Hospital Association database. http://www.AAHA.org
  3. Enrollment in K9 Master Class, Trainer Scott Donald's SOX method of training, this is an online training class. ($69.99 value) http://www.k9masterclass.us.
  4. International Canine Association (ICA) registration in your name the day you pick up your puppy. You will be emailed the form to pick your new puppies name, but you are immediately on record as the owner. ($20.00 value) http://www.acainfo.com

All this for just $30.00 fee, this is less than the cost of a microchip or the annual cost of registering the chip with many registries.

This is normally done after we receive the Well Puppy Check up results from your Veterinarian, this insures us that you are keeping the puppy and avoiding having to transfer the chip ownership back into our name. Some are done the day of purchase and some are done the following 48-78 hours depending on each puppy and the home they are going into. This is a additional service provided at no cost to you, your initial $20.00 payment is for the chip alone, which is in the puppy at time of pick up.